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Allergy Personal Inhaler supports swelling, redness, irritability, and stress related to allergies. This inhaler will also help with reduction of inflammation in the nasal cavity due to allergies. The olfactory senses, triggered by the olfactory nerves located in the olfactory bulb, are responsible for sense of smell. Using a personal inhaler will send a direct message to the limbic system in the brain, creating a quick response for sense of smell and emotions. Enjoy the feeling of inhalation for the support of nasal decongesting. 


Safe for: 2nd & 3rd trimesters during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and to use around dogs. 


Not intended for:  1st trimester (only) during pregnancy, babies 6 months and under to inhale, do not use around cats.   


Free of phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances. Vegan & cruelty free!


Small batch made in Maine.

Allergy Personal Inhaler

SKU: API1234
  • Atlas Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

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